Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Where is the 420 Club?
Answer: The Club is located at 3910 Alfred Harrell Highway in Bakersfield California. Use our interactive map to find the Club and get driving directions.
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FAQ: How much does it cost to rent the hall?
Answer: $1500.00 ($500 of which is a refundable deposit)
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FAQ: Are there any other businesses nearby?
Answer: We are located near Darrells Mini Storage
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FAQ: Is security provided?
Answer: No, security is not provided however, it is required. You are responsible for damage to club property, personal property and personal injury. You will have to hire R. Stanley Security (661) 634-9283. This is the only security company allowed to work at the club.
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FAQ: What about insurance?
Answer: You may wish to buy insurance to cover damages over and above the $500 cleaning and damage deposit. Purchasing insurance would cover damages to club property, guest property and personal injury. We can provide you with information on one-day event insurance.   
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FAQ: When can I come see the Club?
Answer: The club will be staffed by a volunteer every Friday morning between the hours of 8:00A.M. and 10:00 A.M. You are welcome to come see the facility and ask questions.
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FAQ: Can we use the beer taps?
Answer: NO! Sorry but the taps and cold box behind the bar are off limits to renters.
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FAQ: Can I use the kitchen appliances?
Answer: Yes. There is a stove, refrigerator and microwave oven for your use.
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Information for members:

The range keys are replaced in January every year. In order to purchase your new key, you must come by the club on Friday mornings from 8am - 10am. The range keys are strictly for MEMBERS ONLY! (Current 420 officers and 420 retirees)  Retirees, you MUST bring your retiree ID in order to purchase a key. 

Note: The range is closed to all members every Sunday for cleaning, no exceptions.  If you're caught at the range on a Sunday, your membership may be revoked.

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